Tooth loss can be embarrassing and downright inconvenient. Restoring your missing teeth can boost your self-confidence and make simple tasks such as eating much more enjoyable. Dentures are a great way to restore your smile. More advanced than ever before, dentures are made to look and feel like your natural teeth. Dentures can be made in two ways – complete and partial. Complete dentures are designed when all of your teeth on the upper or lower jaw are missing. Partial dentures are made when some of your teeth are still intact, but the majority of your teeth are missing.

With the help of Dr. Dixon, dentures can completely change your smile for the better and make your life much more enjoyable. Restore your smile with dentures! Call our office today to set up a consultation to see if dentures are a good option for your smile. We will go the extra mile to help put together a plan for your treatment.